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Garage building around Swindon

We have recently built a brand new garage in the Swindon area. We are absolutely delighted to announce that this design is among on of the first of its kind. We are experimenting with a new concept that will literally take the world by storm if we pull it off and get this product to market

It is only in the prototype stage at the moment but the first impressions are that it will absolutely be the future of garage door building and we will have to give you a quick look.

Have you ever wondered in your business dealings that something this simple will blow the competition out of the water and feature in a way that no one though was possible.

But before we get so excited it is important that we do all the testing that is needed. Testing is so important and especially in this day and age of computers and the internet where bad and good news travels so fast.

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3 common garage door repairs you may need to do

Repairing your garage door is very important. Your car and valuable possessions are kept in the garage. You should protect these from thieves. Here are some common garage door repair works that you may have to do to keep your garage door secure and in good condition.

Fabric repairs

You should notice whether there is damage to the fabric of the door. You should replace it immediately if you see any sign of damage. Otherwise, intruders can break in the door using force.

Lock and handle repairs

Problems may occur in the lock, handle or the ‘catch’ mechanism. This mechanism keeps the garage door closed. If there is any problem and you don’t repair it, then the door may fail to lock properly. So, thieves can get access to your garage easily. Another thing that can happen is that it will remain closed and you won’t be able to open it to access your possessions inside the garage.

Motor repairs

If you have a motorized garage door, then you should check if it’s in good working condition. Motorized garage doors provide easy access to your garage. Your motor can become faulty. The garage door can get stuck and it will be difficult to either open the door or close it.

Whenever you see these problems in your garage door, you should get them repaired immediately. Otherwise, your garage won’t be secure and the chance of thieves getting into your garage will be high.

4 reasons why professional garage door installation is important

If you want your garage door replaced then you should hire a reliable professional for the job. Though you will find many DIY kits available in the market, there are various reasons you should hire a professional.

Quality of work

With a professional installer, you will get the best standard of work. You will have the peace of mind that all the parts of the door and its opening mechanism are installed properly. If the door is installed properly, it will last for a long time. If your installation is not perfect then you may have problems with the door soon.

Time and effort

You need lots of time to fit a garage door. If you hire a professional installer, the work can be done quickly as they are experts in the work. You can concentrate on others works and leave the work with the professionals.

Motorised doors

Motorized garage doors are very hard to install. You should hire a professional for the job. They know the ins and outs of motorized doors and would be able to install it properly. They can install a new motorized door for you or install a motorized mechanism on your present door.

Hiring a professional for garage door installation means that it will be installed properly and it won’t cause any problem later on. When hiring a professional garage door installer, it is better to ask for recommendations and hire the best installer in town.

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3 reasons why spring is the ideal time to replace garage door

Spring is a time when you see the sun and get longer days. Many people think that it’s the best time to do your repair and renovation works. It is also a great time to clean up your garage and do necessary repair works to get it in the best condition. Here are some reasons why you should replace your garage door in spring.

You can negotiate a good price

Most construction industry tries to start their business early in the year. They participate in various home shows and promote their products and services. The garage door businesses do the same thing. They have attractive promotions for installation and purchase of garage doors during the spring time. You can negotiate a good price for your garage door during this time.

The spring system of the door may be in poor condition

After a severe winter, it is normal for the spring system of your door to be in a bad state. You should get a proper tune up for it. The spring may break into two pieces during the harsh winter period. So, you need to replace it. You should remember that spring system remains in good condition for 5 or 6 years. After that, you should replace it, even if it doesn’t break. This is because it loses its resilience and strength afterward.


Garage doors are often used by the intruders to get inside the house. So, you can think of installing an alarm system for your home. You should make your garage door secured. Spring is the best time to do it.

If your garage door doesn’t operate properly, then your family might be at risk. After the severe winter, springtime is best for garage door tune-up.

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